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“The Life of Sir William Osler” by Harvey Cushing: 1925 Edition

Volume 1--partially proofed

            -Bond Head and Dundas

            -Boarding School Days

            -Trinity College and the Toronto Medical School

            -The McGill Medical Student

            -Student Days Abroad

            -The Young Professor at McGill

            -The Pathologist

            -Physician to the Montral General

            -Last Years in Montreal

            -Europe; and the Philadelphia Call

            -First Years in Philadelphia

            -Philadelphia: the Last Years

            -The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Organization of a Clinic

            -The Text-Book and After

            -Opening of the Medical School

            -Teaching, Observing, and Recording

            -Letters, Science, and Practice

            -After Twenty-Five Years--not proofed yet***

            -The Edinburgh Call; and the Beginnings of Social Service--not proofed yet***

            -The Natural Method of Teaching--not proofed yet***

            -Books and the Man--not proofed yet***

            -The Master Word in Medicine--not proofed yet***

            -The Oxford Call--not proofed yet***

            -Three Valedictory Addresses--not proofed yet***

Volume 2--not proofed yet***


            -Learning the Ropes

            -The Harveian Oration and Other Things

            -The Open Arms

            -A Continental Brain-Dusting

            -Old World and New

            -The Lumleian and Other Lectures

            -The Baronetcy

            -Hard Pressed

            -The Silliman Lectures and International Medical Congress-1913

            -War Without Warning-1914

            -Nerves and the 'Consoler-General'-1915

            -The Canadian Army Medical Corps and Other Things-1916

            -The Silent Sacrifice-1917

            -Keeping The Flag Flying-1918

            -The End-1919

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