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ask Osleriana:

 A Searchable Database

Created by Alexander D. Jones and H. Michael Jones, MD.

A labor of love begun in 2006,

nursed to its feet by financial aid from

Frank Neelon, MD

and the

Trent Center for Bioethics, Humanities and History of Medicine of Duke University,

and entrusted to the American Osler Society.


            By William Osler                                  



                                      -A Way of Life

                                      -The Evolution of Modern Medicine



                         -Scientific Publications

            About William Osler

                         -Memorial Volumes


                                      -Classified and Annotated Bibliography of Osler's Publications

                                      -Annotated Checklists of Osleriana

                                                   -Vol. 1

                                                   -Vol. 2

                         -The Persisting Osler













                         -American Osler Society Abstracts/Presentations






















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